Love Tilly devine


To eat well is to live well.
Someone very wise first said that.
And it's an idea that we keep in the back of our minds as we put together the menu for the bar each day

That person wasn't talking about starched tablecloths and fine china and foams. They were talking about enjoying honest food prepared simply and with respect to the ingredients.

They imagined sitting at a table with their close friends and family; sharing a story and breaking bread.

That's why our food is prepare by only the best seasonal produce and always where possible from local producers who share our values. This means we know where the food comes from and exactly how it's been treated.

And our favourite place to source ingredients?
Harry's backyard garden

So as you read this menu, know that it's probably already out of date and that we're ok with this because the best produce at the markets one day is always going to be different from the last.

sample bar menu

Campari, grapefruit $10

Bread $2 serve

Olives $4 serve

White anchovies, fennel seeds $9

Broadbeans, mint, our organic ricotta
($3 each)

Macleay river rock oyster, opened to order
($3.50 each)

Giant octopus, slow roasted in natural wine
with new potatoes and garlic mayonase $15

Buffalo mozzarella (Melb) broadbeans sott olio $15

Fresh marinated sardines, currants, pine nuts and radicchio $12

Mixed artisan salamis $15

Burrawong duck's liver pate with sweet and sour onions $14

Strzelecki Goat's blue (Gippsland)
Woodside 'Charleton Brie' (Barossa)
Pyengana cloth-bound cheddat (Taz)
(3 for $22 or 1 for $10)

Reiby-farm loquats baked in vanilla and reisling
With heirloom mulberries and crème fraiche $9